The 12 fiber distribution box (FDB)  is available for the fiber optic cable connection and terminal, it is normally used to connect the feeder cable and drop cable for FTTH solution. The fiber junction box offers the functions of mechanical/fusion splicing, splitting, and distribution, and suits indoor and outdoor applications. The plastic distribution box can be mounted in the wall and pole, it is widely applied in residential, business buildings, and villas to realize the cable straight-through connection or branch connection.

This indoor/outdoor wall mount enclosure comes with 2 input and 12 output ports, which is ideal for FTTH, FTTB system. It is made of good engineering plastic, which gives solid protection for fiber optic cable and pigtail; the splice tray can be flipped up for easy cable management; the lock offers the outdoor fiber junction box extra security, the two layers design is easy for installation and maintenance of optical cable. The fiber distribution box can hold 12 cores termination, also can install a 1×8 mini plc splitter to distribute fiber cable and split the optical signal.

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