8 Port Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box, 8 Cores Splice

8 Port Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box, 8 Cores Splice


The 8 fiber cable distribution box is both termination and splice point for optical fibre in indoor environment; it can achieve direct or branch and terminal connection in FTTH or FTTB projects. It is great to connect indoor cable to optical communication equipment, and enables the connection of feeder cable and drop cables. The unit integrates splicing, splitting, distribution, storages, and usually used to work as floor distribution box for small building applications. 

This 8 fiber wall mount enclosure comes with 2 cable inlet and 8 exit ports, which can hold max 1:8 mini splitter and 8 cores splice; widely deployed in the apartment, residential/business premises.  It is of high-quality plastics provides protection for splices and terminations; 2 open cable access points allow for the pass through of optical fiber without splicing; two-layer design is clear for fusion splicing, fiber  management, the adaptor plate for the termination of connectors, anti-loose cross screw to lock the box.


. High-density ABS plastics, UV/shock resistance

. Independent internal adapter module can rotate 360°

. Large space for cable storage and fiber routing 

. Flip design for splice tray providing easy installation

. Cable port is rubber sealed, dust-proof

. Small size taking up minimal wall space

Technical parameter:

. Fiber radius of curvature: :≥40mm
. Additional loss:≤0.01dB
. Working Temperature: – 40℃ + 60℃
. Side pressure : ≥2000N / 10 cm
. Impact resistance:≥20N.m

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